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Ura Exchange

Central Ura is a global holder and distributor of URA (Unit of Assets). The term URA is an acronym derived from Universal Receivables Assignment of Resource Mobilization Inc's ('RMI') receivables. The sheer amount of the receivables tokenized transformed URA into a commodity monetary system introduced by RMI and drawn on RMI reserves. Fiat has delivered sustained economic growth since its introduction, but it is obvious that the work of better life for all is not completed, there is room for compliment. URA seeks to be that compliment to Fiat. URA, unlike fiat is privately owned, issued based on private money. URA shall not have the pressures of fiat and therefore holds the potential to be a better stable money for global development. The expectation is URA shall be utilized alongside fiat and all other forms of money for the common good. It shall have all the safeguards of fiat but with the sole purpose of being reliable money

Asset Type: Currency

Currency Full Name: Central Ura

Currency Short Name: Ura

Currency Code: URU

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You may also exchange via the stellar platform on https://stellarterm.com/exchan...



Credited to your wallet
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