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CRU is all or a part of or an undivided interest in the assignor’s contractual right to payment of a monetary sum as defined in the United Nations Convention on Assignment of Receivables in International Trade (“Convention”). CRU originates from the claims prepared at the instance of RMI by professional appraisers who traced, verified, quantified, and recorded in the appraisal report the total amounts due and payable to the creditor by the debtors in the RMI Receivables (the “RMI reserves”), on which Central Ura is drawn. The age-old practice of receivables assignment has contributed immensely to economic growth since its introduction, but the cumbersome process of Traditional Receivables Assignment has kept many out of the receivables market. There is therefore room for compliment. CRU seeks to be that complement to Traditional Receivables Assignment. CRU is a simplified receivables assignment. CRU will be utilized alongside Traditional Receivables Assignment and will have all the safeguards of Traditional Receivables Assignment but with the sole purpose of being reliable means of Receivables assignment and trading.

CONDITIONS = General guidelines relevant to Traditional Receivables Assignment apply to CRU. Any that ceases to exist shall be burnt. Under no circumstances is RMI guaranteeing account debtors obligations in the e(digital) RMI receivables. CRU is not a cryptocurrency, CRU is electronic RMI Receivables ("e RMI receivables same as digital RMI receivables) on blockchain which means CRU trading is a sale of electronic RMI Receivables as an asset.

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