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Ura Exchange

Central Ura (“Ura” or “URA”) is a Complementary Currency. Privately issued honest money that is a complement to, not a replacement for, Fiat and other forms of money. Central Ura derives its value not on faith or speculation but on the underlying value of the assets it is drawn on. The assets that Ura is drawn on are Central Receivable Units (“CRU”), which are units of existing United States (U.S.) dollar-based receivables owned and held by Resource Mobilization Inc.’s (“RMI” or “Issuer”) referred to as “Ura Reserve” or “Reserve”, which are debts that are owed to RMI in US dollars. The value of Ura is consistently equivalent to the value of the reserve, which means that Ura is drawn on RMI’s assets at an exchange rate equal to the reserve value, the current value of 1 Ura is equal to US$136.04.

Cents 100 = Ura 1.00

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Credited to your wallet
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